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I am very excited to join this wonderful team as a baby nurse. I have worked as a nurse going 3 years now for infants, toddlers and school age children at the hospital,private homes,and school settings.I attended Kirkwood College in Cedar Rapids Iowa and graduated in Dec 2010 as an LPN then RN in Dec 2011 and currently going for a BSN-MSN degree.

While working as a nurse I have also had the opportunity to work with children with complex childhood diseases(including but not limited to children with tracheotomy with ventilators, and G tubes) besides children without and have watched them grow through it.

Our Joy infant care gives me the opportunity to work with the newborns who I mostly enjoy and my nursing background prepares me in dealing with unexpected medical needs if they arise while doing hands on care to stabilize them in their homes with their feeding and sleeping schedules among other cares that come with a newborn while watching them grow!!

I believe that every baby and family is unique and therefore have unique needs.Providing direct care to these babies at their homes gives me the opportunity to tailor the care to meet both the baby and families' need and ensure that the transition and adjustment goes smoothly.

Working with Our Joy Infant Care and Margaret being the Director is a great experience. I graduated from a City College in with my Associate Degree in Nursing, Whiles in school was still working as a daytime nanny. Currently working in a pediatric unit in the hospital

Joining Our Joy Infant Care team especially taking care of twins and premature babies has been a plus. I highly respect the values and views of our clients and also flexible, reliable and passionate about my job.

What Parents Say

“Children see magic because they look for it. This daycare helps provide that for them!”


“They don’t handicap your children by making it easy. They strive to help them for themselves”