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What our client say about us

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”50px”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row background_color=”#f7f7f7″ row_padding_bottom=”120″][vc_column][testimonial layout=”style2″ style=”light” testimonial_animation=”fade-in-bottom”][testimonial_item author=”Abigail B.” text=”Margaret and her team are fabulous. They are warm and comforting, and know about how to care for a newborn. Margaret met me the night I came home from the hospital with my first baby. This was obviously an exciting time, but also hectic and exhausting. Margaret was very soothing. I knew the baby was in good hands with her and was happy to take her advice (which was offered gently and she was not at all pushy) which has helped him get into good sleeping habits. Importantly, she let me get some sleep in too. Having her as a night nurse was particularly nice because it let me really enjoy the early days with him, instead of being completely overwhelmed and sleep deprived. Highly recommend.”][testimonial_item author=”Carrier B.” text=”I don’t even know where to begin? Any mom of a newborn would be beyond lucky to have these wonderful women caring for their baby(s). If you are looking for a night nanny, look no further, these women are top notch. They are amazing and wonderful and I am beyond grateful for their help. My son, my husband, and my marriage thank them as well. My experience having twins has been absolutely amazing largely because of Margret and Cynthia. Below is more about my experience with them but I wanted to make sure any reader knew right away that these women are the BEST! I had never even heard of a night nanny until another mom with twins told me about Margret and her team of wonderful night nurses. Margret came to my house when I was still pregnant, and I knew I was in good hands. When the girls were born, she came the first night I was home. I had heard horror stories about having twins (I also have a two-year-old) and I am so happy to say that I never had to experience any of it because of Margret and Cynthia. At 4-5 weeks Margret suggested we remove the midnight feeding. I was super impressed because removing feedings was making me less likely to keep her longer. She also suggested having fewer nights if that meant I could keep her longer. I was floored because it would obviously be better for her if I had someone every night. She is a selfless, and lovely woman. I am VERY happy to say that the girls are 12 weeks old and slept through the night 4 of the 7 nights last week. I am 100% confident that sleeping through the night is because of Margaret consistency and helpful advice.”][testimonial_item author=”Kisha C.” text=”Being pregnant with twins was TERRIFYING and I was frantic those last months just trying to figure out how it would all work. Being in Chicago and away from my family in NY, I didn’t have a full support network. Enter Margaret and her amazing team. From the second I met her, I knew I was in great hands. She gave me fest advice about how to get ready, and when the babies came, she was the first call I made. Between her and her amazing team of night nurses. I was able to regain some sense of sanity and order.

Not only that, but she continued to go above and beyond the call of duty. She helped me with swaddling, sleep training, and pumping. When the kids got older, she helped me find a nanny that I still work with today. You will NOT be disappointed. While it’s not the cheapest service, it’s the best money I’ve ever spent and the most useful for my sanity and well being, especially in those crunch early months when you’re delirious from lack of sleep. Highly recommend!”][testimonial_item author=”Lina D.” text=”I never knew about baby night nurses until my friend got one when she had her first. Yes, they can be expensive, but are WORTH EVERY DOLLAR. Upon researching many companies, I chose Our Joy Infant Care because I got to meet the ladies at a baby expo in Skokie and instantly knew that these women “live and breathe“ newborns. As a first time Mom I was in for a great surprise just how hard it is to go on no sleep at all for days and days on end. Our baby was in the NICU for a few days and then pediatrics, so I was so grateful that this company had actual nurses taking care of our son. Margaret is the owner and she is THE BEST source of all things newborn. She comes and prepares you and your house for the baby, and then usually she will do the first week or so, until your regular night nurse takes over. We had our night nurse come 3x a week and both husband and I could not wait for the night when she comes. Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, they are so supportive and helpful. During the night, they also do baby’s and family’s laundry, clean baby’s room and tidy up your kitchen, how great is that!!!!!! Our regular night nurse Irene was great at taking care of our son, so when the time came for me to go back to work, it just so worked out that she became our full-time daytime nanny, and we are very happy with her so far. If you are considering hiring a night nurse, even if it is for just several nights per week, DO IT! It is worth it!”][testimonial_item author=”Jessica P.” text=”Our Joy Infant Care is an amazing service! The night nurses are very knowledgable and professional. We had them with our first son and now again with our second son. Our first son slept through the night at 3 months and is still a fantastic sleeper. We are 10 weeks in with our second son and he’s only up once in the middle of the night now and am confident he’ll be sleeping through the night in no time at all. This would not have happened without the help of Margaret and team! When I became a mom, Margaret provided guidance in so many ways – daytime routine, pumping, feeding, developmental milestones and of course sleep. I have recommended them to many friends and only have great things to say about their services.”][testimonial_item author=”Lisette K.” text=”Four years later we are still talking about how Margaret and Shirley, from Our Joy Infant Care, blessed our lives! When our twins unexpectedly arrived early and after a stay in the NICU we begrudgingly hired a night nanny. Best decision ever! These ladies swooped in a cared for our children as their own. In a matter of 6 weeks Margaret and Shirley got our littles ones on the same sleeping and eating schedule and gave is an arsenal of advice when caring for preemie, infant twins. Not to mention, these angels did the kids’ laundry, dishes and prepared the bottles for the day! As first time parents our experience with Our Joy Infant Care was amazing and we would certainly recommend them to any parents looking for some advice, help, profession care and SLEEP!”][testimonial_item author=”Karin P.” text=”Oh wow, where do I start. I worked part time when our two daughters were born. They didn’t sleep well, but I was able to white knuckle it out. When Our son, our third child, came along, both my husband and I were working a lot. 12 weeks of maternity leave came and went quickly. I was exhausted and a dear friend insisted that I needed help and that I should call Margaret. Begrudgingly I did, and boy am I glad I did. Being a bit uncomfortable and skeptical about sleep training, we started off with about three or four nights of night nursing with Anita. Margaret began the process with a thorough interview to get to know us and let us ask as many questions as we wanted. I think she really paid attention during the interview because Anita was a perfect match. She is very sweet and loving. When Anita and we felt ready to begin sleep training, Anita was there with us every step of the way assuring us he was ready and that in the end he would sleep through the night. Anita, a trained RN, made sure that baby was safe and that progress was being made. When the sleep training seemed to be slow going, Margaret came to the rescue. She came into our house for another consultation and gave us Cynthia, who is basically a sleep training Ph.D.! She’s been working with babies and sleep issues for 10 years. I call her “the closer.“ Cynthia carefully examined the baby’s day schedule, suggested a few tweaks and within two days he slept through the night and has been ever since. Email, phone and text support throughout the process were so helpful. Really, Margaret’s team saved our sanity and I would recommend them without reservation. You deserve help and why not choose the best!!”][testimonial_item author=”Sebrina B.” text=”Our twins were born premature and stayed in the hospital several weeks after being born. As it was time to bring our babies home, my husband had to return to work and his job required extensive travel. Needless to say as a first-time mom, I was really nervous about being alone with the babies at night. I also was not getting much sleep so a friend suggested a night nurse. Margaret and Our Joy Infant Care was the best thing to happen to us. I can’t even begin to tell you that our kids are thriving because of the assistance provided by Our Joy Infant Care. I used two nurses both equally knowledgeable and I felt so comfortable allowing them to take care of our babies while I was able to rest. Margaret even assisted me with finding our day-time nanny Rosemary and she was awesome. We have since relocated out of Chicago, but if you are looking for a great night nurse or day-time nanny Our Joy Infant Care is the best.”][testimonial_item author=”Allison M.” text=”Shirley helped us with our first son for the first 8 weeks of his life. She was so reassuring to us as new parents, helping us transition him to the crib, take bottles during the night (to give Mom a break), and answer any and all questions we had (there were many!). She was so caring and nurturing with our son and we looked forward to the 3 nights / week she helped us so much that we extended her 2 additional weeks at the end. She even came a few hours early a few times so Mom and Dad could have a much needed ‘date night’! Her flexibility, genuine care for our son, and extensive knowledge of newborn care helped us make the overwhelming transition to parenthood seamless. We will definitely be calling her when #2 is one the way!”][testimonial_item author=”Jennifer & Chris W.” text=”There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the WONDERFUL Abigail at Our Joy Infant Care.

As first time parents we were sleep deprived, terrified and utterly overwhelmed. Abigail came to us like an angel and helped us understand how to care for our newborn and also made our daily lives so much easier by doing the laundry and washing the bottles while we slept. We trusted Abigail with our precious bundle and we didn’t trust ANYONE with our child in those early months.

To this day we like to joke we don’t know who Abigail trained – our daughter or us, the parents! All I know is we couldn’t have survived without Abigail and will always consider her a part of our family.”][/testimonial][/vc_column][/vc_row]