Shirley Kissiedu

My passion has always been to care for infants and kids. I started off working with kids in 2008 at a Daycare Center in Waukegan IL. I worked with kids from Infants to school age for about 1yr and decided to go back to school and complete my education. I enrolled in Harry S. Truman College’s Nursing Program in 2009 and graduated May 11, 2011 with an Associate’s Degree in Registered Nursing, and my interest is Pediatrics.

I will be done with my BSN in next year at UIC. During my years of studies, I was train as a night nurse by Margaret who was then a nursing student as well, and started working with her as a night nurse and now work with her company “Our Joy Infant Care”.

My nursing studies helped me incorporate what I learned from school into my job. I’ve been a night nanny for about 2yrs now, and have worked with different kinds of families and different kinds of babies as well. I’ve worked with single babies, twins, triplets, premature babies, babies with Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease also known as GERD etc. I am organized, resourceful, reliable, and flexible. I have good communication skills, interpersonal skills and very passionate about my job.