When my husband and I found out we were expecting twins we began researching and networking with other parents of twins. The one consistent piece of advice we heard from everyone was to get a night nurse. We had several referrals who we met with and we immediately felt a connection with Margaret. She was easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and it was obvious she had a ton of experience.

Being a first time parent with two on the way I wanted to work with someone who not only would give great care to my kids but would also be willing to give me guidance. Margaret was fantastic in all aspects. Our baby boy and girl came 5 weeks early and spent 1-2 weeks in the NICU between them. I wasn’t sure when they were coming home and kept texting Margaret to come and then having to reschedule. She was very understanding that our schedule kept changing and continued to let us know she would be there for us whenever the first night came that they both were home with us.

The first night she arrived and immediately took over but not in an overbearing way. It just felt completely normal that she was there with us and our babies and not like it was our first night all together. She and her partner Shirley came five nights a week for the first two months of the twins lives and we looked forward to seeing them each night. It wasn’t just for the sleep we knew we had ahead of us but also to share the day’s events and ask any questions we had-and there were many, many questions. Margaret and Shirley K. were always patient with our questions and gave us great advice.

They also genuinely were happy to see the progress the babies were making and made suggestions on how to get them to eat and sleep longer. It was a bittersweet day when we realized we didn’t need them anymore. We were so happy the twins were sleeping well through the night but were sad to lose Margaret and Shirley because they had become part of our family. The first three months of our lives with our new children would have been vastly different had we not had Margaret’s expertise and calming presence. We can’t rave about her enough and highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to work with her and her staff to do so. You will receive the best possible care and learn so much in the process.

Nikki and Matt Darin