I met Margaret in a Bubbles Academy music class/session that I was attending with my 6 month old son. I did not actually introduce myself to her until one of the last classes was being held, which was unfortunate because we could have spent more time together then. Margaret attended the class with the same little girl each week and was such a natural (this was my observation from weeks spent across the room from her). I developed quite an interest in finding out more.

Upon meeting Margaret, we have since been lucky enough to have her baby-sit for our son. The first time I came home to relieve her, I heard she and my son (from the stairwell) playing in the living room. She was singing to him and helping him (I later saw) to do hand motions along with the song. There was no television on. Margaret was (and continues to be) down on the floor interacting and engaging our son with age appropriate skill sets.

Margaret is timely, efficient, and a possesses a wealth of knowledge from her prior experiences, with children and in life. This has been very beneficial to me, since this is our first child and I have a lot to learn. She is kind, fun, and genuinely happy to spend time with children. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with Margaret should deem themselves quite lucky. I hope that our son continues to learn and benefit from all that she has to offer.

Lastly, (and most importantly) she is trustworthy. She follows through, leads a loyal path, and has not tarnished the reputation she had already come to build, before us.

Mary Gould Moorhead
Wiggle Field