Margaret Sefah

President, Our Joy Infant Care
Margaret is an energetic, extremely caring, personable and knowledgeable woman who is highly equipped to aid you and your family with your overnight infant care needs. She grew up in Ghana in a well behaved and nurturing family and was well cultured by parents who attached great value to childcare. She attended High School in one of the best science schools in Ghana, and then to Graduate School of Management for her diploma in Computer Science and Graphic Designing. She discovered her special interest in and strong desire to work with children and the youth when she was teaching at St. Savior International Preparatory School in Ghana and when she became one of the youth leaders at Word of Life Christian Center. She served in that leadership role for 12 years, a very challenging position that gave her a lot of experience at a young age. In 2005, Margaret joined her husband in the USA. They are blessed with 3 children. Margaret continued her education at Harry S. Truman College and obtained her associate degree.

As she believes that the sky is her limit, she is continuing her education to obtain her bachelor’s degree in UIC. As a company owner and working mother, Margaret has started speaking on night nurses at various workshops and multiples club. She worked as a daytime nanny for 7 years and started working as a night nanny when she entered the Truman nursing program. Full of energy, Margaret has been able to amass vast knowledge and experience within a few years of night nursing. She is now a newborn specialist who has worked with more than 250 families (night time) and 8 families (daytime). She frequently trains daytime nannies, night nannies, and registered nurses on how to take care of babies at night. Always good at choosing the right schedule for your unique family if you tell her about your situation and specific needs, she will determine if you need a licensed nurse or night nanny and can help your daytime nanny to put your baby on a good schedule.