Nikki and Matt Darin, Deerfield

When my husband and I found out we were expecting twins we began researching and networking with other parents of twins. The one consistent piece of advice we heard from everyone was to

Abby and Phil Chung, Bucktown

Bringing home newborn twins comes with a mixture of joy, panic, exhaustion and bewilderment. During this time of vulnerability and high anxiety, you lean on those who know you best like family and

Mary Gould Moorhead, Wiggle Field

I met Margaret in a Bubbles Academy music class/session that I was attending with my 6 month old son. I did not actually introduce myself to her until one of the last classes

Missy, Roscoe Village

I started working with Margaret when my daughter was 6 weeks old. She was a fairly difficult infant and my husband and I had a hard time getting her to nap at all

Dr. Joy, Lincoln Park

When I found out I was having twins I was so scared and excited. People asked how I was going to do it (especially as a single mom) and I responded that I

Nativity play enjoyed by kids

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