We are a unique night nurse (Register Nurse / Baby Nurse) and night nannies (Newborn Care Specialist) agency in Illinois, it has become a recommended and trusted source for finding quality baby nurse care as a reliable referral agency. We are very proud to say that most of our clients and applicants come by way of referral and have worked with us for years. We are committed to providing a trustworthy and reliable source for quality referrals of Illinois baby nurse. Our night nurses and night nannies have been trained with the most quality care to care for newborns and educate new and seasonal mothers. Our highest standard of staff, modern interviewing process, reference checking service, post-placement support, and dedicated service will ensure that only the best is offered to you, not only as a one-off placement but as a continuous service throughout the placement period.
We are professionally trained/experienced baby nurses and night nannies who provide unique and special skills in all aspects of newborn care and parental education and support. We aim to provide you with the most suitable candidate for your family, whether it’s a one day night nurse or a five-month night nurse placement. We have experience in helping both seasoned and first-time moms transition to motherhood and are experienced in caring for singletons, multiples, premature, colicky babies, and babies with reflux. If you are looking for the best night nurse care, we do have extensive experience working with infants who have special needs, including those on oxygen support, using apnea monitors, having reflux, or other medical issues.