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Who is a baby nurse?

A ‘baby nurse’ is an industry term that means a newborn specialist or trained/experienced infant caregiver. Our newborn caregivers are experienced and trained in the care of newborn babies and have up to date CPR certification along with wonderful references from families they’ve assisted. We also conduct thorough background checks. They can work various shifts to accommodate your needs and are typically requested for the overnight shift to provide much need rested for parents.

A Typical Experience

Infant Care Specialists who work night shifts typically stay in the baby’s room and manage their care while allowing you to catch up on precious sleep. When the baby wakes up, the Infant Care Specialist feeds by bottle or brings the baby to Mom for nursing. After feeding, the Infant Care Specialist burps, changes and settles the baby back to sleep. A nursing mother can hand the baby over immediately after nursing and fall right back to sleep. Infant Care Specialists document your baby’s patterns and keep a log of sleeping, feeding and changing times. One of the key objectives of these newborn care nursing professionals is to help transition the baby to a regular feeding and sleeping schedule.

When would our newborn nanny start with us?

With most families, we will start usually when baby arrives home from the hospital or shortly thereafter. However, some also love to be with the babies the first week.

When Should you begin an Infant Care Specialist search?

As far in advance as possible! Although we can accommodate last minute requests, the caregiver may only be available for a short while before starting with another family previously reserved. We can select the most suitable person for your family with advance scheduling. It’s never too early to start your search for a qualified, trustworthy Baby Nurse. To ensure the broadest selection of available Infant Care Specialists, allow up to six months prior to your anticipated delivery date to begin the selection process. However, don’t hesitate to call us if you have an immediate need. We have accommodated many families on short notice, and families have hired us from the moment they know their due date.

How long should we book someone?

Newborn Care Specialists are usually booked anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. Generally, you’ll probably want help until the baby can sleep for long stretches at night. It may be hard to determine how long you’ll need help because a lot may depend upon the baby, which is why we offer a flexible schedule.

What are the minimum requirements?

There are no minimum requirements; we try to accommodate the needs of our clients to the best of our ability based on availability. Hourly or 24 hour shifts are available for the day or night. Many families will choose night shifts to get some much-needed rest.

How much does it cost and how does payment work?

The Newborn Care Specialist is paid directly on a weekly basis by the family. Hourly rates ranges from $20-$35 per hour and daily 24 hour rates range from $250-380 per day depending on the number of babies and the experience of the caregiver. We offer very reasonable and competitive rates in order to help as many families as possible, while still being able to retain great baby nurses. After years of service, we have found our current rates to offer the most affordable opportunity to hire the most qualified care. Our placement fee is $300 for first, and for families who return to use the services for the second time, there is no fee only your hourly pay.

Do you offer any volunteer services or discounted programs?

For families who cannot afford a typical rate of a baby ‘nurse’, Our Joy Infant Care offers a discounted referral program for newborn caregivers who are trained but do not meet the minimum experience requirement to be placed. The rates for these caregivers are significantly reduced and the family must be willing to provide a letter of reference at the end of the assignment detailing their experience with the newborn specialist ‘in training’ (bad or good).

Should we provide food for our baby nanny?

Yes, simple food should be provided if the shift will be long or 24 hours.

What areas do you serve?

We have night nurses in the Chicago, West Suburb, North Suburb, and South Suburbs.

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What type of sleep accommodations do I need for night care?

Whether you have an estate or a studio apartment, baby’s room, guest room or living room sofa may all be suitable. The caregiver will generally be in the same room as the baby unless you prefer a different arrangement.

What makes Our Joy Infant Care stand apart from other agencies?

We work in a unique way, always there for you 365 days in a year, work weekends, and holidays, work with you how to go about day time schedule, flexible in many things, affordable and we are full of patient and love working with babies.

Why should we pay a fee for your service?

We work hard to give you the best service and the right candidate for your unique family and our fee is the lowest.

How long does finding a care specialist take?

Less than a week because they are there already. We don’t search for them on the internet, so we have the best candidates.

What is my goal as your Infant Specialist “Baby Nurse”?

Our focus as your Baby Nurse is to reassure you as newer seasonal parents and make your transition to parenthood relaxed and enjoyable. Nobody will ever parent your child as well as you will, and we want to help get you off to a good start.

Why are your fees a bit lower than other night nurse/nannies services?

As a mother of three, I know how it is to go through the first years of your baby. We give the best quality work, and most of us are mothers as well so we know how hard it is to pay for a night nurse, but we know it’s worth the price.

Should we hire a baby nurse and are there any minimum requirements?

Some families hire a baby nurse for two weeks and others for up to 6 months or more. It ultimately will depend upon your family needs and budget but 90% of our clients extend care services beyond originally requested time. We find that 3-4 weeks is a good minimum to receive the most benefit from hiring a baby nurse. Our Joy only requires a week minimum, with an option of 1to 7 days per wk. It is helpful to understand how long you may want a baby nurse since selection is highly based on job duration for advance scheduling purposes.

Who is a night nurse?

The definition of a baby nurse varies depending on who or where you are. A night nurse is a registered nurse with a State license, who will be doing the same night duties as the others below, but who knows the appropriate health issues and is qualified to help you with any medical issues, or who can let you know if there is something wrong. Remember she is not your baby’s doctor, and it is always good to hire a registered nurse for the first 3 month if you can afford it. They become your baby nurse as they take care of them in your home.

Where do you find your night nurses/nannies?

These are mostly graduates of a University or City College of Chicago nurses, other and known nannies in Chicago.

Who is a newborn specialist?

A newborn or infant specialist is one who has worked with tons of singles, twins, and triplex and can tell you more about them. Month after month, she can predict what most babies will do, help you in many ways, have many ways of doing sleep training, and also knows how to handle many issues concerning babies.

Who is a night nanny?

Night Nannies are current or former nannies who are available to work weekends or night. Some of them are mothers who have raised their own children and wish to continue working with kids. Some have daytime experience but have either stopped working daytime or work part-time during the day and can still work some nights. A Night Nanny will not only care for your child but will assist you in trying to guide your child to sleep through the night.

What will my night baby specialist do?

Aside from giving mom & dad a good night’s sleep, the goal of night baby care is to move the baby towards knowing night and to sleep for longer stretches during the night so that it will be easier on you when she leaves. She will change diapers, feed, and burp and swaddle baby, and slowly ease him/her back to sleep throughout the night. Truly a savior for exhausted moms and dads.

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Newborn Care Specialists Duties include:

• Feeding
• Diapering
• Umbilical cord care
• Circumcision care (whether done by Mohel/Rabbi or done at the hospital)
• Bathing
• Burping
• Swaddling
• Educating Parents
• Night time feedings
• Cleaning/organizing of nursery
• Bottle Sterilization
• Breastfeeding Guidance (Only Registered Nurses, and the Specialist)
• Sleep training
• Daily Record Keeping
• Initiating a schedule for sleeping and feeding
• Advising and providing any requested consultation on infant needs
• Do nights feedings without waking the parent (if mom is not breastfeeding)
• Initiating a schedule for sleeping, meals, nap, and play-time

• Assuring a safe environment
• Lactation support
• Help with siblings
• Change clothes and beddings
• Assist mom for night feeding if mom is breastfeeding
• Do all express breast milk preparation and storage
• Alert you when supplies are needed
• Provide mother with the right resources on child care
• Train the new nanny
• Comforting and Soothing Techniques
• Calming Fussy/Colicky Baby
• Laundering baby/babies clothing and linens
• Keeping the nursery tidy
• Changing linens
• Maintaining all supplies
• Restocking baby/babies care items
• Emptying diaper containers

Baby Nurses help nurture and care for your newborn while providing guidance and education for you. Whether you are a first time Mom or expecting your second, third baby or multiples, we can provide a baby nurse that meets your needs. Our baby nurses are empathetic and discreet, they will do as much or as little as you wish in helping you care for your newborn.

Your personal Baby Nurse will come to you as a “knight in shining armor.” Baby Nurses are far from family or friends. They give up their privacy living with you in your home during your time of need, working long hours so you and your newborn can have complete coverage. Baby Nurses have relevant newborn experiences. Nurses, midwives or health care workers are on call 24 hours a day; will work six days a week, and they are usually employed on a short term basis immediately following the birth of your baby. They assist mom and dad with the day-to-day care of your new baby and will help transition your baby into a regular schedule.

Baby Nurses who work night shifts typically sleep in the baby’s’ room and manage their care while you sleep restfully. When the baby wakes up the Baby Nurse can do all the night feeds for you by the bottle or can bring the baby to you if you are breastfeeding. She will burp the baby following the feeding, change the baby, and then settle him/her back to sleep. Daytime baby nurses provide similar care and also strive to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for your baby during waking hours. Night and day baby nurses will document your baby’s sleeping, feeding, and changing times and moods, which can help transition the baby to a regular schedule.