Cynthia Brechum

Vice President, Our Joy Infant Care

Meeting Margaret to work with has been a great experience for me. I have worked as a day time nanny for 10 years whiles going to school to become a nurse. In May 2007 I graduated from one of the City College of Chicago with Associate Degree in Nursing, and I have been working with new born and in other areas in two different hospitals.

I joined Our Joy Infant Care team, and we have been working with new born to provide excellent quality care for families. As a mother myself, I respect family values and views. I am very responsible and hardworking, and very accommodating. I am an excellent night nurse who is highly qualified and trained, with knowledge and training in the nursing profession, obtained from a reputable institution, and I am always ready to learn more.

Good professional skills are a must for a nurse, throw in some hands-on experience and you’ll have night nurses with experience and a profile that few employers can turn down! I have been working as a register nurse for 7 years and now a student of Purdue Calumet University to obtain my BSN.